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How Can We Help Your Business Thrive?

In challenging times, the need for innovating and doing things differently, is even greater. Here at Thrive Velocity HQ, we know that the needs of our clients are more important than ever and we are already prepared to be of service in these tough times. COVID 19 may be causing shock waves around the planet, but we are digging our heals in, with plans to run even harder with you, to make up for the losses you may be encountering.

We help solve the problems. We help you create your solutions. You generate more revenue. You have more balance in your life!

“Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you. They’re supposed to help you discover who you are. Because some people see a wall and assume that’s the end of their journey. While others see it and decide that it’s just the beginning”.

Just some of our core services

We have a team of specialists at the ready to help you take your business or project to the next level. With specifically designed services, hand picked to create the biggest leverage you will find in today’s market place. We know what makes the difference. We know what works, period.

Lead Generation : Online Sales Funnels : Websites : Social Media Advertising : Social Media Consultancy : Social Media Graphics : Print Graphic Design : Brand Development : Logo Design : Video and Animation : Video Infographics : Content Writing : Proofreading : Digital Marketing : Coaching and Training : Conversions : Marketing Campaigns : Inbound Marketing : Marketing Plans

If you are in business start-up phase we also provide:

Go-to-market Planning : Growth Strategies : Idea Validation : Rapid prototyping : Lean start-up principles : Sales effectiveness


My birth name is Darran, but i prefer Dee. I discovered my passion for personal, professional development, digital marketing and innovation strategy 10 years ago. Then in 2015, I decided to start helping people on their business and lifestyle journeys and haven’t looked back.

That said, nothing great was ever achieved alone! I am grateful that my support network are strategically placed all over the planet. Be it Bundaberg, Cairns, Philippines or Germany. So while you are sleeping, our team is still working.

Over the last 4 years, I’ve been watching the global marketplace and listening to my inner voice guiding me. I have come to know the importance of lifestyle balance. Of meditation and inner harmony. While it is important to have goals and financial stability in life. It remains of the greatest importance to be aware of the truth. I say this with love and gratitude, as success has been measured by the ability to generate cash-flow for too long. But the tides are now changing.

For anyone reading these words, I send to you with endless gratitude, what I have come to posses. Inner wealth, harmony and opulence. Great spiritual wisdom, peace of mind and abundance. It all starts with a kind, loving thought, sent out to the connected universe…..Namaste!

I provide face to face, Skype or Zoom consultancy via appointment.

Our Focus is YOUR Success

Success can mean different things to different people. So I believe that it’s important to be aware, ask quality questions and know where my clients are coming from in the first place. As I previously said, financial stability is important, but happiness and inner peace probably more so. When it comes down to generating more revenue:

  • What’s your big picture? What fires need putting out?
  • Strategic planning is the key to all of our successes.
  • Eliminate the time wasting, money wasting activities.
  • Super charge the money making activities.
  • Set up a system that is predictable and consistent at generating revenue.

At the end of the day, I believe it all comes down to the ability to solve problems as efficiently as possible. We learn, we plan and then we execute. Using the plethora of digital tools, our job has become easier over the years, but the market place is constantly changing, which for us, means staying on top of the changes.

This is why research and continuous education are two of the most time consuming activities we do. We stay informed, so you don’t need to. We make your life much easier, so you can stay focused on being your best and most productive self.

Of the 1,7 Billion global websites, only 200 Million of them are active. Ask us why?

Online sales funnels & Performance websites, can be the most effective method for monetizing your project. That’s why we recommend them. That’s why we build them.

We help solve the problems. We help you create your solutions. You generate more revenue. You have more balance in your life!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sales funnel & how can it help my business?
A sales funnel system, is simply a series of web pages in a specific sequence, that take a site visitor through a psychological, relationship building process, in order to help them make a buying decision more easily, by ‘funneling’ them through the sales process. Optimized Online Sales Funnels, can replace your average website completely. They are the new way of selling online for gaining consistent and predictable revenue streams.
How do I overcome my fear of Technology?
A mentor of mine once told me, encouragement is like oxygen for the soul. Positive encouragement, can overcome any challenge,  because we all have access to inner resources through our subconscious mind, that has the capacity to find the solutions to your problems.

In all of my experience overcoming any fear, comes down to realizing that firstly, that F.E.A.R is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real. So to overcome it you need to understand why you are thinking about it the way you are. Secondly, developing a clear understanding through education and research, of the thing you are fearful of, will reduce or eliminate the said fear altogether.

How much will it cost?
The cost of a project is always dependent on the scope and size of the said project. As no project is ever the same, we offer free initial sessions to clarify this.
How can I make more income in the next 30 days?
Great question! It depends on where you currently are, with your online journey. I have broken it down into 3 stages of online growth;

  1. If you don’t yet have a product or service, but want to create one, then I have another course and process that I recommend you partake, for making your first steps.
  2. If you have a website, there is a 4 step process that I recommend for transforming it into a sales powerhouse.
  3. If you already own a business and want to take a leap into the vaster online realms of revenue generation, or more simply an entrepreneur looking to go all in with a new project, then we have another program for you. A new project can take more than 30 days, depending on your level of time and capital investment.

Making more money in the next 30 days can be accomplished with a serious commitment and tenacity. It is much easier to achieve for existing businesses, who have existing assets to leverage.

For all of these scenarios, and because of the many variables within each, I always recommend a free session to gain clarity.

Can I do what Patricia did in her business?
YES. Absolutely! These were common problems and they’re easily fixed.

Patricia was missing a few vital elements in her business. Once we had established that, we had 4 key points to work on.

  1. Her pricing structure needed adjusting to portray her true value in the market place.
  2. Her software and hardware needed updating, so the systems would work more efficiently.
  3. Her website content need to be cleaned up to again portray her value more succinctly.
  4. She needed to invest more into her marketing and advertising for lead generation.

In addition to these steps, I could see that Patricia, like most people, needed a lot of direct encouragement, to help her understand, just  how amazing she was at her craft.

The result was a doubling of her income over a 4 week period.

Should I invest in a traditional website?
If you’re considering launching a new project, we recommend performance websites or online sales funnels. With a sophisticated advertising strategy in place. As a close mentor of mine states: “traditional websites are dead”. Ask us why!
Why is marketing and advertising so important?
The lifeblood of all business comes from people wanting to buy your stuff. One of the biggest and most common mistakes I see business owners make, is spending all their time, money and efforts on a website, with no strategic marketing or advertising campaign in place, to take the new creation to market.

Thrive velocity donate 2% of every dollar earned to Operation Underground Railroad. Learn more about them on their website.

What People Are Saying!

Would you like to be one of our next success stories?

Sam Sundara

Darran is a true pro! Heart based with crystal clear vision. Working with him on a big project has been inspiring, and a pleasure really, as Darran’s one of those rare gems who communicates clearly, with presence & care, and did I mention this guys going places?! yep, always a pleasure working with other heart-based truth-seekers & change-makers!

Marise Zerafa

I was so impressed with Darran’s enthusiasm and knowledge on ecommerce and marketing. I would recommend to anyone who is looking to start a business online or looking to increase sales.

Rosemary Anne Aitken

I found Darran professional, very helpful and knowledgeable when I had a session with him about digital marketing strategies for my business. He did what he said he would and gave me many helpful things, some of which I’ve already implemented. Thanks Darran!

Holistic Approach to Your Growth

We meet you where you are at and go from there. EVERYTHING you choose for us to assist you with is personally recommended and tailored SPECIFICALLY for your needs, your situation and your goals. We are consultants, coaches and mentors. We think bigger, look holistically at requirements and think beyond the paradigm of linear growth that entraps most businesses into staying small.

We also provide ‘done for you’ implementation services. We develop & implement finely tuned strategy, and guarantee your Return On Investment. No matter where you are based, we can work with you, we will journey with you.

  • We Solve Your Problems
  • We Create Your Solutions
  • You Generate More Revenue
  • You Have More Balance In Your Life

Everything we assist you with is part of the holistically, tailored plan we create with you. It is the vision of where you want to be. With a well implemented plan, will realize your vision and achieve your goals! You will have a unified and consistent brand identity, a strong online presence so your messages are heard by the right people. Your products and services will be seen and understood. Your branding will be remembered and your community will be formed. This is where REAL growth happens… Your Growing Revenue Stream will tell the story! All the while you will be developing greater knowledge and making a greater positive impact!

You will also receive intelligent support and guidance at all stages. Are you ready to achieve your business growth goals so that you reach new audiences, reach new heights, stay energized and achieve all that you want. This is what Thrive Velocity Is All About. Now let me ask you. How can we help? Contact us today.

We help solve the problems. We help you create your solutions. You generate more revenue. You have more balance in your life!

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